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What is a business plan?
There is a fundamental way of writing in a business plan document.
Foundations are pressed down and an enterprise is led to a success.
What is a business plan?
What it is required for a business plan document.
Six points of a business plan@
The period of a business plan
Achievement of a business plan
new business
How to Write a Business Plan
i1j Corporate profile
iQj Vision
iUjSummary of business
iVjNew business
iWjThe flow of business
iXjManpower planning
iPOjShort-term income and outgo
iPPjShort-term marketing strategy
iPQjShort-term operating plan
iPRjIncome-and-outgo simulation
iPSjOrganizational structure
business plan format and a form
The free format of a business plan document.
A business plan document can be drawn up only by burying a format.
business plan format
Free template
It is a template of the business plan document which can be used for free.
Please download and use.
Free template
How to Write a Plan
Various plans are indispensable when performing an enterprise.
How to write a plan is mastered and an enterprise is developed more.
How to Write a Plan

How to plan a Marketing strategy
In order to make an enterprise successful, a firm marketing strategy is required.
From how to stand a marketing strategy to a template.
business strategy
sales strategy

A presentation is decided! Let's make a presentation to a presentation by a smart design by PowerPoint.
The free template of PowerPoint

business plan
business plan @
  how to write a business plan

The management is always carried out.
A manager does not know that other types of industry and management which has generally become known widely are unexpected, although eyes tend to go to the thing of their company in many cases.
In order to have led business to the success, after pressing down a standard, it is the first shortcut to add a creative device.
Suddenly, please fall one step here rather than please being self-taught, return and study a standard.